The Timezynk Handbook is the central source for how we run the company. As part of our values of collaboration and openness we welcome feedback and contributions. Please make a merge request to suggest improvements, add clarifications or more content. Please use issues to ask questions. Read more about how to view and update the handbook on your computer


  1. About Timezynk
  2. Our values
  3. Our vision
  4. Big Hairy Audacious Goal
  5. Our manifesto
  6. OKRs


  1. UN Global Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Reducing environmental impact

People group

  1. Benefits
  2. Meetups
  3. Employee Onboarding
  4. Recruitment process
  5. Time off
  6. Incentives
  7. Overtime


  1. Sprint workflow
  2. Git workflow
  3. Tech stack
  4. Technical discussion
  5. Custom Development
  6. Microservice requirements


  1. Testing


  1. Modules


  1. Brand identity
  2. Graphic profile
  3. Messaging platform

Sales & Support

  1. Work priority
  2. Working tools
  3. Describing issues
  4. Fixed subscriptions
  5. Timezynk Registers