We believe that it is more powerful to collaborate than to work alone
We believe in sharing information openly rather than hiding it

  • Between managers and users
  • Between us and our customers
  • Between each other in the company

We believe in trying new ideas rather than staying in the status quo.

  • Technology
  • Processes
  • With our customers

We believe in helping the customer throughout their journey rather than just making a sale.
We believe that Timezynk is all about solving problems rather than adding more systems.
We believe that an ergonomic working environment and fast hardware makes us more happy and productive.
We believe in letting the customer name and organize the system to match their workflow.
We believe in having a flexible and adaptable system rather than keeping it simple and uniform.
We believe in letting people most affected by a decision make the decision.
We believe that the best schedule is created by collaboration between management and employees.
We believe in learning new things and helping each other.
We believe in experimenting to reach better or new results.
We believe in planning a sustainable pace and avoiding overtime as far as possible.
We believe that being happy and having happy coworkers make you more productive.
We believe that good scheduling gives you more time for fika.
We believe that relaxing at work can be as important as focusing.
We value all customers both small and large and in different industries.
❤️ 🐜

We value our vision of what Timezynk is going to be over selling a feature that doesn’t fit in.

We value solving a problem for a customer over selling yet another system.
We value open minded workflow where everyone’s opinions are valued over hierarchy and management.
We value collaboration over control.

We believe customer communication should begin with what we believe.