1. Check if the new feature is in line with product vision.
  2. Write ticket and tag with label category::custom-development.
  3. Next grooming session will estimate the ticket, sketch the happy path flow and return with follow-up questions, when relevant. Tickets with this label should be given top priority in grooming sessions. Assign a contact person.
  4. Clarify ticket together with customer and contact person and repeat step 3 if needed.
  5. Translate the complexity estimate into a quote for the customer. Write quoted sum in the ticket.
  6. Decide priority and target iteration for starting the task. Tag task with target iteration.
  7. Give feedback to customer about start date.
  8. If target iteration changes, notify customer.
  9. Notify customer when implementation start and give an estimated date for first beta version.
  10. After first deploy, enter the quoted sum into the extra invoice google sheet