We have some conventions about how to use git in the projects:

  1. Always work on a branch
  • Features on “feat/example-name”

  • Bugs on “fix/example-name”

  1. Commit and push often, at a MINIMUM every day so that code is not left overnight on a single computer

  2. Send your feat/fix if you want input from team members. MR is the preferred way to achieve that. Mark you MR with “Draft:” in the title if it is not ready for integration.

  3. Big tasks

  • You should sync up with at least 1 reviewer and check it locally. Perfectly in their environment. Even by doing it on your machine with screenshare reviewer may ask you to check some cases that were missing in checklist/AC which could discover tricky bug(s).

  • If your task may have hidden impact ALWAYS deploy it on edge so it could be tested by others