GitLab is the destination of choice.


Knowledge needs care to grow and stand the test of time.

Don’t keep it trapped in your brain.
Don’t lose it in ephemeral Slack channels.
Save it after an important Discord call.


When communicating about things related to a GitLab ticket, strive to hold the discussion in the ticket itself. If none of the existing tickets fit what is on your mind, consider making one. It is better to discuss things there and close the ticket afterwards than to lose valuable insights.

If the discussion has already happened on Slack, copy it over into the ticket.

If the discussion has already happened on Discord, type the gist of it into the ticket while it is still fresh in your mind.

Design decisions

When faced with a technical judgement call, document your rationale in the ticket after your decision is made. This is meant as a supplement to -not a replacement of- the following:

  • self-explaining code
  • good docstrings
  • good commit messages


action expectation
you request code review from multiple team members they all review
you receive a request to review code
  • you review at first convenience
  • you let them know if you are too busy
you mention a team member
  • you need their attention
  • they read ASAP
  • they reply at first convenience