The purpose of the messaging platform is to ensure that Timezynk’s communication is aligned in all communication channels and strives for the company’s set goals.
The messaging platform defines the guidelines for how and why we communicate, and which main messages should be conveyed in the overall communication.
The messages are meant to work as a guideline.

About Timezynk

To get a broader understanding of what messages we should communicate, it’s important to know Timezynk’s personality and what we strive for, which gives a general understanding of Timezynk and sets the guidelines for our messages.

Who are we?

Timezynk is a leading platform for collaborative scheduling and workforce management that organizations can rely on anywhere in the world.

We are specialists in collaborative scheduling and innovators in workforce management.

What makes us stand out?

Our technological expertise is one-of-a-kind and our platform is a product of that innovation.
We believe in helping the customer throughout their journey rather than just making a sale, and solving a problem for a customer rather than selling yet another system.

We want our customers to benefit from using Timezynk.

Where are we heading?

In the future, Timezynk will be the world’s biggest marketplace where scheduling organizations exchange time-based services and personnel.

We aim to grow.

Who are we important to?

All organizations that are aiming to streamline their scheduling.

Basically, managers who prioritize their employees.

What do we strive for?

We want to simplify the everyday lives of managers, so they can relax and not stress over details, but also of employees, so they can plan their lives and get a healthy work-life balance.

We strive for collaboration in everything we do.

What do we value?

We give control over time and scheduling back to the individual workers and promote a healthy work-life balance.

Our core values are: collaboration, results, openness, integrity, diversity, and iteration.


The messaging platform is based on Timezynk’s communicative challenges:

  • Using a similar style of communication across different channels
  • Not leaving our core values behind - collaboration, results, openness, integrity, diversity, and iteration
  • Moving away from technical discussions and instead focusing on why we exist, what we stand for, and what difference we make for our customers

Target groups

The primary target groups have decision-making power and are necessary to make the deal possible. In addition, there are stakeholders as a secondary target group, who are important in establishing a favorable image of Timezynk but who are not crucial to the deal.

Main target group

Decision-makers at companies (CEOs, department heads, supervisors, HR staff, small business owners, etc.)

Timezynk’s main target group is those who manage administrative work and are responsible for the organization’s results. Their needs are to gather information, do the scheduling, and get control of things, in a smooth way.

Secondary target group

Employees (users).

Timezynk’s secondary target group is those who use the platform - the employees. As Timezynk has customers in all different industries, the secondary target group is a broad crowd. The majority doesn’t do their daily work in a recurring office, they are often shift workers, which makes the flexibility and simplicity of the platform important. Their needs are to manage their schedules smoothly, trust that they get the right pay and compensation, and that they have the right information before working a shift.


Our preferred position on the market.

How do we stand out from our competitors? What makes us unique?

We have a one-of-a-kind solution for collaborative scheduling. Both managers and employees benefit from using us. Our user friendly tools include modifications in real-time, employee requests, wish lists, collaboration between managers, and collaboration between companies.

This is us:

We want to be a teacher for our customers, educate them, make them independent - always with support from us, of course. We’re not better than our customers, instead, we strive to be at the same level as them and want them to have the same knowledge as us. We’re transparent, glad to help, and want to share our knowledge.


  • Collaboration
  • Results
  • Openness
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Iteration
  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Kindness


  • Prioritizing the customer’s well being
  • Helping
  • Being “the good guy”
  • Being the best alternative
  • Being kind


  • Always winning an argument
  • Always being right
  • Being better than X and Y
  • Lying
  • Pretending something is what it isn’t
  • Taking a political stance/view arguing about sensitive subjects

Tone of voice

Our tone of voice is positive, educational, reliable, and cheerful. We are always kind and we lead by example. We do not engage in political discussions or discussions on sensitive subjects. Our customers and their employees are diverse and we respect that people have different opinions regardless of our own.

How do we speak with our target groups?

We want as many people as possible to understand our communication. No one should feel dumb when speaking with us. The language is therefore clear and simple, but not on a level that might be interpreted as ridiculing.

What feelings do we want to contribute to?

From the first moment our customers get in touch with us, we want them to feel that they’re in safe hands, that they can relax, and that they can trust that everything is taken care of. We want them to let go of all the control, know that they don’t need to keep track of everything, and create a feeling of calmness. Our customers should be able to let go of all stress and concerns regarding scheduling and workforce management, and instead focus their attention on their business.


The best schedules are built through collaboration.


Main message: The primary reason for the main and secondary target groups to use Timezynk
Secondary message: Factors that strengthen their decisions

Main message

We want to make it easier for people and companies to do a good job. Problematization: Time reporting and payroll administration can steal a lot of time. Solution: We want businesses to focus on what they’re passionate about instead of administrative work.

Secondary message (technical innovation):

Our platform is one of a kind. Problematization: The time scheduling industry can be slow and behind in progress. Solution: By looking at other areas and finding inspiration from other industries, we focus on collaboration, and always listen to our customers’ needs.

Secondary message (openness and kindness):

We’re a reliable alternative that can be trusted. Problematization: Many companies prioritize results over the customers. Solution: We are transparent and honest about what we can and cannot do.

Secondary message (support):

We strive for an exceptional customer experience and are always happy to help. Problematization: A high technical standard can create a difficult language and a complex working routine. Solution: We want our customers to be independent and have the same knowledge about our system as we do.