These benefits apply to all Timezynk employees:

  1. Sports- and health care check up to 250 EUR/year. Send in your receipt detailing your costs and you will receive the compensation on your next pay check.
  2. Result and budget based bonus program. The bonus is computed based on how much we outperform the budget approved by the company board. It can give up to 15% of the yearly salary (almost two extra monthly salaries) as a bonus payment. The bonus is computed after we have an audited result which means it will be payed around April based on the result for the previous year. If you are an employee, you can read more about the exact rules and computations here
  3. Free vaccinations by your local health care provider. Covers seasonal flu, COVID, Hepatitis, TBE and Meningitis, etc. Book a time for vaccination yourself, and then send in the receipt after your visit.
  4. General mental and physical health checkups by your local health care provider. You can book an appointment yourself at your favorite or local health care provider and then send in the receipt.
  5. Free psychotherapy sessions with a licensed therapist.
  6. A personal development plan helping you think about and move towards your personal goals
  7. Ergonomic home working environment
  8. Work- and computer eyewear