Onboarding of new employees

We want our new employees to feel included and in control of their onboarding from day 1. It’s important that we are transparent with the process and tailor their onboarding to the extent we can. Share the checklist early on to give them an overview of their onboarding process.

  1. Make a copy of the Template Onboarding Checklist and adjust it according to role.

  2. Add role specific tasks in section 4 of the checklist.
    (The steps in section 1-3 apply to (almost) all positions in Timezynk.)

  3. Make sure someone is set as responsible for every task, who that is varies depending on the task at hand.
    Check Team Workflow to see our team members areas of responsibility and/or ask colleagues if you are unsure of who has access to creating/inviting to accounts.

  4. Share the new checklist with new employee and explain + plan time frame for the different steps in the process.

  5. Go through all the tasks in checklist, update their status accordingly