Referral Bonuses

As a Timezynk team member you know a lot about our culture and probably have friends or peers that you think would fit in and become a great new member of our team. We offer a referral bonus of 500 EUR once the new team member has been with the company for 3 months.

Defining a referral

A Referral is:

  • Someone you are claiming a personal or professional relationship with.
  • Someone you could make a confident claim about regarding their cultural adaptability to Timezynk, how well they align with our values, and their ability to excel in a given role.
  • Someone you feel would be a great addition to the Timezynk team.

A Referral is not:

  • Someone the hiring team has already sourced, screened, or been in contact with for the same requisition or job family. This applies to Prospects as well as Candidates.
  • Someone you do not know and would not be able to speak about confidently.
  • Someone who reached out to you regarding a vacancy (e.g. on LinkedIn).
  • Someone who applied via a unique link you shared from Teamtailor on a social site (a.k.a. a Social Referral). Regardless, the promotion of our vacancies is always appreciated!
  • A former (or “Boomerang”) Team Member.

Other Referral clarifications:

  • Contract or temporary roles, including Internships, are not eligible for Referral Bonuses. However, if the Contractor or Intern is converted to a Team Member for the same/similar role, then the referring Team Member will receive a Referral Bonus per the referral bonus guidelines upon transitioning to the new employment status.

Referral Bonus Eligibility

All Timezynk team members are eligible for the Referral Bonus, except in the following circumstance:

  • If the Referring Team Member is a part of the Hiring Team for the referred vacancy. e.g. a Recruiter or Hiring Manager.
  • If the Referring Team Member would manage the Referral directly.
  • If there’s a perceived conflict of interest.
  • If the Referring Team Member is part of the Executive Group.
  • If the referral is an intern. You will be paid a referral bonus if the referral is converted to a full-time, intermediate-level team member.