To get to know each other better, move forward on strategic work, spread knowledge, inspire us and bridge the gap of not having an office space in common we arrange meetups three times per year where everyone has the opportunity to get together in a safe, interesting and inspiring place and work, learn and relax together.

Find the details

The detailed meetup planning is available in the wiki

Time and dates of meetups

  • Meetups are held in January, May and September
  • Generally they will start with a travelling day on the monday of the week and a welcome dinner on monday evening.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday are full days
  • On thursday we check-out, tie up loose ends to the work and do a meetup retrospective. The day generally ends before 12:00 so people have enough time to travel back home.

Content and balance

Content and themes will be picked depending on the participants, the current challenges the company faces and themes that will fit with the season and location. We aim for a balance of 50% of the time spent on workshops, lectures, time in nature, games, excursions, cooking together, eating together and similar activities while the rest of the time is spent working together on common projects.