At Timezynk, no applicant is selected based on our gut instinct. Instead, we avoid bias in our recruitment by anonymizing CVs and cover letters – and to make it all more fun, we invite our candidates to participate anonymously in a Battle Royale. We believe that in this way, we can find the best candidates today and tomorrow.

1. Making the ad

Recruitment tool:
Log in with your Timezynk Google account. Go to the tab “Jobs” -> press “+” for adding a new job -> choose “new job”.

The ad should contain (in this order):

  • Job title and extent (mostly 75%-100%), fully remote within EU.
  • A description of us and our culture, remember to include link to Handbook
  • Our offer and our benefits
  • A role description with a list of the respinsibilities it will include.
  • A clear requirements specification for the job. What are the must-haves and nice-to-haves? (Including personality traits.)
    (Remember that some skills are learnable and the most important thing is to find a good match that will become a natural part of our team, so only list must-haves as requirements. Nice-to-haves should be mentioned as advantage but not crucial.)
  • A short description of the application process and estimated time frame.

*Tip: Take a look at the old job ads for ideas / language and phrasing etc.

2. Prepare emails for Battle Royal

The quality of the submitted answers will depend on the quality of the emails and tasks we send out, so don’t underestimate the time and thought you need to put in to them.

  • Copy relevant Message templates and adjust according to role.
    (What skills do we want to evaluate for the role? How can what task would be suitable to let applicants show their skills and/or answer questions?)
  • Name you new templates “Battle Royal + Role + Email no.” (For example “Battle Royal Customer Support Mail 1”)

You need at least two emails with tasks, but it’s reccommended that you make three (1, 1.2 and 2). If you are unsure of a candidate after the first run it’s a good idea to send them an alternative/follow up (Email No. 1.2) before you decide wether the candidate should pass the round or not. We don’t want to exclude great candidates early in the process

3. When applications are received

Follow the steps below in Structure of the evaluation process

4. When you have found the right candidate:

Go to Employee Onboarding and follow the steps

Description of us and our culture

Who are we and why should you join us at Timezynk?
Timezynk is a fully-remote SaaS company that has a vision to radically simplify and improve scheduling and time reporting for companies of all sizes.

We value 🤝 Collaboration 📈 Results 📖 Openness ⛰️ Integrity 🌐 Diversity and 👣 Iteration, and we make all our decisions based on those values.
You can read more about us and our company culture in our Handbook

Our offer and our benefits

  • Opportunities for personal development: Learn new tools and skills and grow with us! We encourage learning and using leading edge technology and business processes.
  • A chance to show your creative side: Things do not have to always be like they have been. Make your voice heard and be a part of shaping the company.
  • Shared success: With a company wide bonus program, we are encouraged to do our best, not only for ourselves, but for all of our colleagues.
  • Benefits of a Swedish company: This might be a no-brainier for native swedes, but you get all the perks of a Swedish company. You can read more about the benefits here

Structure of the evaluation process

  1. Applications are submitted to Teamtailor where they are automatically anonymized. (Name, gender, age, etc. are hidden by Teamtailor and we do not see those details until step 6)
  2. Two people do a quick check of the CV and personal letter and set a rating between 1-5
  3. Candidates with rating 3 or more receives Mail No. 1
  4. Two people read answers of Mail No.1 and make a new rating
  5. Candidates we are unsure of receives Mail No. 1.2
  6. Two people read answers of Mail No. 1.2 and adjust ratings
  7. Candidates with rating 4 or more is invited to a test account in the system
  8. Candidates who has downloaded and logged in to the mobile app receives Mail no. 2
  9. Two people read answers to Mail No.2 and adjust ratings
  10. The 5 candidates with the highest rating will be invited to a video meeting / interview
  11. We de-anonymise the candidates in the system so we know what to ask / talk about during the interview.
  12. We add up the rating of the interview with the previous ratings and discuss the candidates
  13. The 2-3 candidates with the highest total rating are invited to a physical interview (if possible, otherwise there will only be one more call) and we ask for + call references
  14. We discuss and make a decision within 1-2 days
  15. Possible notice period, during that time we order a computer / headset / monitor etc etc.
  16. Onboarding starts