We as a team solve a variety of tasks and these tasks should be prioritized to make the best use of our time. Tasks can be allocated for a day so someone takes the main responsibility for a task and makes sure to keep it clear. Feel free to discuss the planning in #Support on Slack or Discord.

Prio 1

a. Calendar

Booked meetings are of the highest priority. Anything distracting us should be delegated to ones teammates.

Prio 2

a. Zendesk Support

Support requests should be answered and resolved within 24 hours when possible, and we should reply regardless of who is assigned to a task.

b. Tele2 Switchboard

The switchboard should be on throughout the day unless we have a booked meeting.

c. E-mail

Support requests should be forwarded to support@timezynk.com and our inboxes should be kept clear.

d. Zendesk Sell

Tasks should be performed on a daily basis regardless of who is the assigned owner for each of the tasks.

e. 15 minute calls

Once a 15 minute call is booked on the website we get a notification in #support channel in Slack. The teammember that is available at that time should take the call.

Prio 3

a. Gitlab

We own the Testing step in KANBAN and these tasks must be validated prior to release, if we leave them untested it will block the entire workflow for the developers.

b. Zendesk Guide & Youtube

We use Register of support materials to keep track of all the materials that we have and their status. Updates to existing materials and the need for new materials are planned and discussed during the Suppor check in on Tuesdays.

c. Delighted

Check reviews every two weeks or so. Schedule Courtesy calls to the companies that gave us a bad rating. Most likely the negative ones have a problem that we can easily fix, we just need to know about it. If they raise concerns about missing features make sure to add them to Gitlab and also ping Deyaa about them so he can prioritize them. 

d. News from Timezynk

We should keep track of all new functions and improvements being developed and help marketing team by preparing text, visuals and video materials for blogposts about news from Timezynk. We use this document to plan our work and share the text we have writen.

Prio 4

a. Reporting time

Make sure you report deviations from your working schedule (for example, sickness and vacation).

Prio 5

a. Wiki

Gather and maintain working knowledge base.