1. Browser

    a. You are encouraged to work with a Chromium based browser as your primary browser.

    b. You are encouraged to download other browsers (Fire Fox, Opera) for troubleshooting when we help our customers.

  2. Computer access

    a. Your computer should lock automatically after a certain time of inactivity.

     i. Set up automatic screen lock:
         1. Go to Lock screen settings on your computer
         2. Click on Screen saver settings at the bottom of the page
         3. Choose 10 minutes in a field next to “Wait”
         4. Tick a box next to “On resume, display logon screen”
     ii. You can also lock your screen manually by clicking on Win+L

    b. It’s OK to use PIN code for the computer.

    c. The computer should require login/pin on resume/boot.

  3. Create the following links as Bookmarks in your browser:


     i. Enable Gmail to be the primary e-mail client on your device.
     ii. Sync your email with Pipedrive:
         1. In Pipedrive click on your name at the right top corner
         2. Choose Personal preferences
         3. Click on Email sync and enable syncronization
         4. Turn on Open and Link tracking


     i. Connect Google Calendar to your Timezynk account:
         1. In Timezynk click on your name at the right top corner
         2. Choose Profile
         3. Scroll down until you see Google Calendar
         4. Click on Connect account and follow further instructions
     ii. Connect Google Calendar to your Pipedrive account:
         1. In Pipedrive click on your name at the right top corner
         2. Choose Personal preferences
         3. Click on Calendar sync and enable syncronization
         4. Recommended settings: 
             - Sync type: Two-way Sync
             - Save calendar events as: Meeting
             - Sync these Pipedrive activities: Call, Book a demo, Demo, Education, Meeting, Task, Courtesy Call
     iii. Share your calendar with your colleagues at Sales and Support
         1. Go to settings in Google Calendar
         2. Add colleagues to the list "Share with certain people"
         3. Allow your colleagues to make changes to your calendar




     i. Also install the mobile app on your phone.





  4. You need at least these additions to the browser:

    a. Adblock

    b. Lastpass

     i. Allow Lastpass to work in incognito mode
  5. Important settings in the browser

    a. Sync all settings

    b. Disable the browser’s built-in feature to store passwords

    c. Enable the setting on start: Continue where I left off

  6. [Optional] Sound settings (For Windows)

    a. When talking on the phone it will automatically reduce the level of all other sounds by 80 %

    b. Click the start menu and search for “Sound” and open Sound settings

    c. In Related settings click to open sound settings in the control panel

    d. Select the Tab “Communication” and select the settings you want for automatic sound adjustment.

  7. You need to install these tools on the computer:

    a. Tele2 Softphone from

     i. Go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and select “Display queue information in standard view“

    b. Discord Voicecom from

     i. Go to User settings > Voice & video > Push-to-talk and define a shortcut.
     ii. Alternatively mute the mic when you are not talking but leave the headphones active, so you hear
     if someone is talking to you.
     iii. Always get on Discord and Slack while working.

    c. [Optional] VS Code from

    d. ScreenToGif from

    e. [Optional] Sizer 4.0

    f. [Optional] Cyberduck Used for uploading pictures we use in Inline Manual

     i. Log in
         1. Click on Open Connection at the top left corner
         2. Choose Amazon S3 in the top field
         3. Access Key ID and Secret Access Key are in Lastpass
     ii. Upload pictures
         1. name is written in lowercase letters with with lines between every word
          (example: kapucin-apa-anvander-verktyg)
         2. recommended format: jpg or png (jpg is better for photos, png is a lot better for screenshots)
     iii. Link (do not forget to change the name of the picture when you reuse the link) >

    g. [Optional] Pngyu Used for resizing pictures

    h. [Optional] Adobe Creative Cloud Some of the programs need to be downloaded, some can be used online

  8. Important (GDPR) settings for your OS (For Windows)

    a. Activate Storage Sense.

    b. Storage sense should run daily.

    c. Temporary files should be deleted daily.

    d. Downloaded files should be deleted after 14 days.

  9. Keep your system updated

    a. Windows Update will automatically get updates for you, but make sure you install them at the end of the day. This requires that you actually turn off the computer and select to apply the update.

Make sure your settings at up-to-date, we also run annual security checks on your Lastpass account, it will warn about old, bad and re-used password.